Ansible is software for automated configuration management for operating systems, software, network, and cloud services.
We will implement your infrastructure as code, compile playbooks for solving the daily tasks of managing and scaling the existing infrastructure.
Aleksandr Romanov
DevOps Engineer
When Needed
Effectively resolve the tasks with Ansible
Initial Adjustments
Initial preparation of the entire infrastructure, configuration, and further support in the form of configuration files (ansible playbooks). It ensures that the infrastructure matches configuration files.
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Regular Adjustments
Making changes to the server configuration, scaling changes to large groups. For example: change a line in the config, upload a file, delete a user.
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Which processes it makes easy
Ansible is the perfect choice for:
Many Servers Support & Maintenance
Complex Infrastructure Documentation
Frequent deployment of new applications and containers
Regular changing server, network, or cloud infrastructures
Ansible Workflow
We discuss the tasks that need to be solved and offer solutions
Playbooks creation and debugging
Roll out to production
Keep playbooks up to date
Simplify Configuration Management
Your infrastructure will be documented in the Ansible playbooks. It will always be up to date. You will be able to create an instant, complete copy of the infrastructure.
Reduced Maintenance Costs
The cost-reducing effect for the realization of regular works such as software updating or deploying when servicing many servers.
Fewer Mistakes & Errors
Automation reduces the risk of human error. It increases visibility and accuracy for compliance requirements.
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